The College of Deacons

The ministry of the deacon is an expression of the Church turned towards the world: seeing the needs, hopes and concerns of those outside the church, and proclaiming in word and deed the Good News of the Gospel in the world. Deacons tend to function as the “Swiss Army Knives” of the church, serving in a variety of ways, from preaching and teaching, to leading music, to serving in ministries of compassion and justice, to working behind the scenes to support the routine work involved in running a church. Deacons model the servant ministry of Jesus and thereby enable, encourage and inform the diaconal ministry of all.

The purpose of the College of Deacons is to provide training, support and encouragement to deacons exercising their ministries throughout the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains as well as promoting the vitality of diaconal ministries in the diocese. The College is composed of all active deacons in good standing in the diocese and is led by a small board, in consultation with the Bishop. For more information, contact one of our Board members listed.


College of Deacons
Board Members

The Rev. Amanda Holm Rosengren
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The Rev. Ben Moore
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The Rev. Sarah Anderson
Liaison for Clergy Formation
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The Rev. Katie Gayle
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The Rev. Jeremiah Webster
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