To encourage existing churches and plant new churches that are soaked in the Gospel, bring restoration and life, and make disciples in an Anglican Context.

Ancient Faith

We are rooted in the three streams: Word, Sacrament, and Spirit.

  • We place special emphasis on the reading and study of God’s Word. The Bible shapes our imagination, worship, values, practices and common life.
  • We are rooted in the rhythms and beauty of worship shaped over the centuries – we have a story and we have a history that help us to be rooted and relevant.  We are liturgical, practicing holistic Christian formation that involves the head, the heart, and the body, emphasizing imagination as well as information, and producing disciples with gospel-shaped desires.  We believe that liturgy is a form of hospitality, enabling people from all walks of life to participate together in worship.
  • We are completely dependent on the Holy Spirit’s presence, power and movement. 

Global Relationships

 We are shaped by the Global Church, specifically Rwanda.

  • Church is not the work of individuals, but of communities that are part of the larger global community of believers.  We are committed to a highly relational way of living and working together that spans culture and geography.
  • We seek a global understanding of the faith, recognizing that a connection to the poor pulls us out of a consumer driven, success oriented version of Christianity.
  • We are encouraged, humbled and transformed by sharing a common story with Christians from across the globe.
  •      Culture is a gift of God and we honor both differences and points of unity, seeking to learn and to grow in understanding as we serve together.

Local Mission

We are shaped and defined by the Gospel

  • We are committed to an understanding of the gospel that brings God’s renewal of all things, including personal, societal, and cultural, as well as creation itself, through Jesus Christ, the risen king.  This renewal a gift of grace, and not earned.
  • We believe mission is holistic and that we are called to take risks for the Kingdom, serving creatively, sacrificially and compassionately.
  • We love to see God at work in people and institutions. While we have modest expectations of our own abilities, we have enormous expectations for what the Lord will do.
  • Our churches are programmatically simple, minimizing bureaucracy; community oriented, embracing the truth that healthy churches are inherently inefficient, because relationships are inefficient; led by equippers who seek to empower people to fully utilize their gifts to be the presence of Christ in the world.
  • We are flexible and committed to movement over structure, favoring organic over programmatic growth.