Detailed Schedule for the Diocesan Gathering (Updated: 1/31/17)

Monday, February 6, 2017

1.00 PM – 4.00 PM
Pre-Gathering Workshop

Cranmer vs Schmemann: A Conversation about Sacramental Theology.
Rev. Can. Matt Burnett and Dr. Peter Leithart

  • What difference does it make what we believe about the Sacraments?
  • To get sacramental theology right, we need to grasp the relationship of Old and New Covenant sacraments, the ecclesial context of sacraments, and the gift-character of sacraments.
  • Dr. Peter Leithart will be involved in leading this and bring to bear his extensive learning as a theologian and as the President of the Theopolis Institute, which focuses on “Bible. Liturgy. Culture.”

4.00 PM – 6.00 PM

6.00 PM – 7.00 PM
Dinner at IAC

6.45 PM
Clergy Gather and vest for Opening Eucharist

7.00 PM – 9.00 PM
Opening Eucharist

Presider: Rt. Rev. Ken Ross
Worship through Music: Rev. Glenn Packiam
Worship through Word: Dr. Peter Liethart

Medievals believed that creation itself teaches moral lessons and gives theological insight. Moderns reject such “anthropomorphism,” but it is essential for the people of God to recover this biblical vision of the world.

Confirmations / Ordinations


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

8.00 AM – 12.00 PM
Clergy Wives Breakfast

Wives of diocesan clergy are welcome to the Clergy Wives Breakfast, a time for fellowship, worship, sharing, and prayer. This will take place at the Ross’s home (very near the church). There will be a shuttle from the church to their home. More details will be available Monday evening. RSVP when you purchase your tickets to the event and add the Clergy Wives Breakfast Ticket to your event registration. We are eager to see you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Sallie Ross directly at

8.00 AM – 8.55 AM
Gathering Breakfast
(Morning Prayer, optional, 8.00 AM – 8.20 AM)

9.00 AM – 10.30 AM
Synod Meeting 1 of 2

10.30 AM – 10.40 AM
Coffee Break

10.45 AM – 11.45 AM
Breakout Sessions

Canon Matt Burnett – The Life of Thomas Cranmer: A Story of the Beginning of the Anglican Church What is the Anglican Story and the beginnings of the Reformation in England?

What is the Anglican Story and the beginnings of the Reformation in England? This is an overview of our primary Reformer, Thomas Cranmer and how the British Reformation began. Alternate title: Burned at the stake. You too can be a reformer.

Deacon Regina Hopewell – Panel Discussion: Why Rwanda? with Bishop Jered Kalimba of Shyogwe Diocese, Regina Hopewell of Rwanda Ministry Partners, and Lisa Puckett of Walk with Rwanda Provincial Office

As we continue to walk in relationship with our Rwandan brothers and sisters, what does the future hold? How do we continue to understand how Rwanda has shaped us? What are the ways that God is shaping our churches for local mission through this global relationship?

Rev. Dr. Ben Fischer – Mentoring Millenials toward Restoration

While there is “nothing new under the sun” in the nature of being human, every society labors under its own particular versions of corrupted thinking. For the generation commonly labeled “millenials,” the experience of fragmentation tends to dominate life. Knowledge, tradition, meaning, and the modes of learning all seem fragmented and have led to a loss of confidence and trust in almost every area of life. Mentoring those who are growing up amidst such fragmentation may require going back to some very old resources — at least, that’s what I’ve done. In this workshop, I’ll share some ways I’ve found helpful and together we’ll share collective insights.

11.50 AM – 12.40 PM

12.45 PM – 1.45 PM
Afternoon Session with Dr. Peter Liethart

God created a world of “poetry,” with beauty and built-in metaphors. How do we come to understand his portrayal where stars are kings, and trees are men?

1.45 PM – 6.45 PM
Afternoon Break

“Established Places of Connecting”
Dinner with Bishop Jered
Dinner with Peter Leithart

2.00 PM – 3.00 PM
Deacons Connection

All Deacons, and all those preparing for ordained ministry, are invited to gather for a time of discussion, connection, and prayer.  There will be opportunity to learn from one another about what it means to be a deacon as we share the blessings and challenges of our current diaconal roles, discuss ways in which we can strengthen diaconal ministry in the diocese, and pray for one another and for the Spirit’s outpouring on and renewal of our diaconal call.  (For more information, please contact Deacon Amanda Holm Rosengren.)

7.00 PM – 9.00 PM
Evening Worship

Worship through Music: Glenn Packiam
Worship through Word: Dr. Peter Liethart

In God’s poetic world, how do we see his vision of cattle and beast, man and woman that we may be fully alive to who he has made us?


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

8.00 AM – 8.55 AM
Gathering Breakfast
(Morning Prayer, optional, 8.00 AM – 8.20 AM)

9.00 AM – 11.00 AM
Synod Meeting 2 of 2

11.00 AM – 11.10 AM
Coffee Break

11.15 AM – 12.45 PM
Sending Eucharist

Worship through Music: Glenn Packaim
Worship through Word: Rt. Rev. Ken Ross
Consecration of anointing oil for healing for use in the churches
Renewal of vows for clergy

12.45 PM
Boxed Lunches to go