Clergy Formation

Foundational to who we are is a fundamental belief in the priority and necessity of the local church. Within that, we have a deep conviction that the primary ministers in the church and of the church are the laos, the people of God. The church functions most fully as the church as the people of God are engaged, together, in the work of the Kingdom.

In order to equip the saints and facilitate that work, God raises up priests and deacons to serve the church in its mission. Godly leadership, authority, and service are essential to the life and health of the church.

Clergy Formation in the Diocese of the Rocky Mountains has two main areas of focus. One is the ongoing encouragement and formation of those who are already ordained. The work we are engaged in is full of pain and glory – and we all need that encouragement and further formation.  The second area is the ordination process.  The process is meant to be one of discernment, formation, and equipping.  We have a high bar for those seeking to be ordained, but the process is also meant to be accessible.

Below are links to our clergy credentialing manual and associated documents.